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Andrew Smigelsky
(December 12, 1915 - June 22, 1984)
Sue Royko Smigelsky
(August 15, 1919 - )

Andy was born December 12, 1915, the 2nd of 10 children.

On January 28, 1940 Andy married Sue Royko.

Their first son Ronnie was born on November 22, 1942.

Their second son Raymond was born on December 11, 1943.

In 1952 Andy and his family moved from Beaverdale to Cleveland, Ohio.

Andrew Smigelsky & Family
Summer 1958


On October 31, 1964 Andy and Sue’s younger son Raymond married Marie Urich.

Andy and Sue’s first grandchild, Denise, was born December 22, 1965.

Their second grandchild, Debra, was born May 24, 1967.

Their third grandchild, David, was born November 5, 1970.

They have 5 great-grandchildren.

On April 21, 1978 son Raymond married Kathy Herega.

Aunt Sue still lives in Ohio near Ronnie and Ray and her grandchildren.
She is still cooking dishes from the “old country”. Due to her arthritis she no longer quilts, but still does some crocheting.

Aunt Sue Quilting from a 1957 home movie

Uncle Andy with Ronnie
Uncle Andy with Ronnie
September 1944

Aunt Sue with Ronnie and Raymond
Aunt Sue with Ronnie and Raymond
September 1944

Aunt Sue & Ronnie
Christmas 2005, Aunt Sue & Ronnie

Raymond & Kathy
Son Raymond and his wife Kathy
    Irene, Sue, Sharon and Kay
October 2007 - Irene, Sue, Sharon and Kay
to be continued. . .
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