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Raymond P. Smigelsky
(December 11, 1943 - )

married October 31, 1964

Marie Urich (divorced June 5, 1972)

married April 21, 1978

Kathy Herega Smigelsky
(October 22, 1942 - )


Ray was born December 11, 1943, the second of Andy and Sue’s two children.

In 1952 Ray’s parents moved their family from Beaverdale to Cleveland, OH.

Ray graduated from Benedictine High School in Cleveland as a member of the Class of ‘61.

On October 31, 1964 Raymond married Marie Urich.

Their first daughter Denise was born on December 22, 1965.

Their second daughter Debra was born on May 24, 1967.

Their first son David was born on November 5, 1970.

On June 5, 1972 Ray and Marie divorced.
After their mother remarried, Ray’s children took their step-father’s last name, Pastir.

On April 21, 1978 Ray married Kathy Herega.
He has 3 step-children, Nikki, Robert and Tony, from Kathy’s first marriage.

Raymond has 5 grandchildren.

Ray and Kathy currently reside in Ohio.

to be continued. . .

Bob, Nikki and Tony
Kathy’s children Bob, Nikki and Tony
November 2006
Raymond & Kathy
Raymond & Kathy

Denise, David and Debbie
Ray’s children Denise, David and Debbie
December 2006

David and Kelly with Drew and Faith
David and Kelly with Drew and Faith
December 2006

Debbie and Jim with Dylan and Brooke
Debbie and Jim with Dylan and Brooke
December 2006

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