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Aunt Helen & Uncle Mike
  Helen Smigelsky Colosimo
(Sept. 21, 1919 - April 23, 2004)

married May 26, 1951

Michael D. Colosimo
(Dec. 22, 1917 - November 1958)
Aunt Helen
September 1944

Aunt Helen was the fourth of Baba and Jigiís 10 children.

I'm sure all of Aunt Helen's nieces and nephews remember her. And most will remember her always living in Beaverdale with Baba. But that's only because very few knew Uncle Mike (usually called Rabi or Uncle Rabi).
For several years after his untimely death at the age of 41, Aunt Helen continued to live in their house in St. Michael.
She didn't move in with Baba until 1961 after Baba fell and broke her shoulder.

Helen and Mike were married in St. Michael Catholic Church in St. Michael on May 26, 1951. Helen wore Irene’s wedding dress.

They had no children.

Both are buried in the St. Michael Catholic Cemetery in Adams Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

From 1952 to 1961, there was a television program called This Is Your Life. The format was based on the rather simple premise: guests were surprised with a presentation of their life read by host Ralph Edwards and reminisces by relatives and friends.
In 1961, Aunt Anna was a guest on the program. Aunt Helen, from behind a curtain, reminisced about Aunt Anna. The curtain then opened and to Aunt Anna surprise, Aunt Helen was there. This Is Your Life had flown Aunt Helen out to California for the show.
Aunt Helen & Uncle Mike
Easter Sunday April 18, 1954
Uncle Rabi   This is how the kids who knew him will always remember Uncle Rabi; as our best friend. We'll never forget the Saturday afternoons when he would come and take us kids to a matinee movie and buy us soda pop and popcorn.

This picture is from April 1955. The kids are Sharon, Angie, Maryanne and Michael.
Aunt Helen & Uncle Mike
Jigi, Baba, Kay and Helen
July 23, 1944
Aunt Helen & Uncle Mike
Kay, Irene, Helen and Mike
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