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Christmas 1953
September 1974


Angeline Marie Beatrice
(April 1, 1953 - )

Ron Robinson

Phil Ahrens

Bruce Reineke


Angie was born April 1, 1953, the second of Irene and John Beatrice’s seven children.

Angie currently lives in Florida.

On September 4, 2004 Hurricane Frances hit Florida. It was Angie’s first experience with a Hurricane since living in Florida. It was horrible. Since then, she’s been through 3 more and you never get used to them. Wilma in 2005 was the worst one she’s experienced so far, and had significant damage to her home. Still, she wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Angie is an avid quilter; she found her niche in 2000. She belongs to a Quilting Club and has made 18 quilts over the past 6 years.

After the Hurricanes of 2004 her club made a quilt representing the hurricanes to be raffled off to raise money for The Red Cross.

Angie’s panel was one of 36 panels in the quilt.

Angie & Jennie
Angie & sister-in-law Jennie
December 2006

to be continued. . .

Angie 1960
Angie 1960

Hurricane Frances Quilt Panel
Angie’s Hurricane Frances Quilt Panel

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