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Nöel 2nd grade
2nd grade
Nöel 4th grade
4th grade
Nöel 10th grade
10th grade
Nöel 10th grade


Nöel Christine Tanis
(April 10, 1970 - )

married February 29, 2008

Chris Burton
(July 24, 1980 - )


Nöel was born April 10, 1970 in Washington, DC.

Nöel graduated from Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, MD as a member of the Class of 1988.

Nöel spent several years volunteering her time at Small Paws® Rescue, an organization that has over 800 volunteers and over 6000 supporters in 20 countries, making it the largest rescue organization for Bichons (and Bichon Mixes) in existence today.

She is a member of the “GoGreen” Environmental Stewardship Committee at St. John Vianney Parish in Prince Frederick, MD.

Nöel with her 5 oldest cousins
Nöel with her 5 oldest cousins May 5th, 2006
Left to right: Donnie, Nöel, James, Robyn, Brian and June

On February 29th 2008, Nöel married Chris Burton in a civil ceremony.

Their church wedding took place on February 28th 2009 (as close as they could get to the 1st anniversary of their leap year marriage).

In her free time, Nöel enjoys knitting, spinning yarn (she’s a member of the Calvert Spinners and Weavers Guild) and taking care of her many dogs and cats.

to be continued. . .

Nöel & Chris
Nöel & Chris
February 28, 2009
Sharon, Jimmy & Nöel
Nöel with her mom & dad
Easter April 16, 2006

“S-Hitch” Cable Knit
and Homespun brown Jacob wool
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