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Bobby Christening November 1949
Bobby Nov. 20, 1949
Joseph 6 months
Joseph 6 months


John Smigelsky
(August 10, 1921 - September 20, 1984)

married May 4, 1945

Frances Homyock
(September 30, 1924 - )

John was born August 10, 1921, the 5th of 10 children in Llanfair, PA.

John left Beaverdale and moved to New York. He stayed with his sister Ann, who was already living there, and got a job in New York.

John's cousin Mike Smigelsky and his wife Theresa in Linden, NJ introduced John to Theresa’s younger sister Frances.

On May 4th, 1945 he married Frances Homyock.

John Smigelsky

Their first son, Robert “Bobby”, was born September 23, 1949.

Their second son, Joseph, was born December 30, 1957.

They raised their 2 children in Linden, New Jersey.

After John's death, Aunt Frances remarried and still lives in Linden.

Bobby and Joseph are both married and live in New Jersey.

Bobby and his wife Linda have one son, Kenneth.

Joseph and his wife Roberta have three children, daughter Joei-Leigh and sons John and Joseph Jr.

to be continued. . .
John Smigelsky Family
John Smigelsky Family
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