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Margaret Smigelsky Cyburt
(November 9, 1923 - )

married August 31, 1946

Frank V. Cyburt
(October 2, 1920 - August 13, 1988)

Marge was born November 9, 1923, the 6th of 10 children.

After graduating from Beaverdale High School in 1941, Marge worked for a while in New York in a candy factory and then for the Ideal Toy Company.

During the Second World War, while Frank Cyburt was in the sevice, Marge worked in Detroit as a riveter in a B-29 airplane factory.

Laid-off after the war, Marge returned to Beaverdale and went to Beauty School.

On August 31, 1946 Marge married Frank Cyburt in St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Beaverdale.

In 1947, Marge and Frank moved to Detroit.

After working in factories for a while, Frank went to college to earn a degree and became a school teacher. He would later earn his Master’s Degree in Education.

On September 27, 1954 their first child, son David was born.

On September 1, 1956 their second child, daughter Carol Ann was born.

On August 30, 1960 their third child Marcy was born.

On September 3, 1962 their fourth and fifth children, twins Christine and Craig were born.

Marge and Frank lived and raised their 5 children in Michigan.

June 28th, 1980, daughter Carol Ann married Thomas Canavaugh.

On April 10, 1986 Marge and Frank's first grandchild Chelsea was born to David.

On October 19, 1987 Marge and Frank's second grandchild Carcy was born to Carol Ann and Tom.

On August 13, 1988 during a Familly Reunion in Port Republic, Maryland, Marge’s husband Frank had a heart attack and died.

On March 25, 1989 Marge and Frank's third grandchild Daniel was born to David.

On November 4, 1990 Marge‘s fourth grandchild Callie was born to Carol Ann and Tom.

On July 14, 1993 Marge‘s fifth grandchild Carter was born to Carol Ann and Tom.

to be continued. . .
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